I did NOT forget about you.

Hey friends, remember me? I’ve missed you all. Incase you were wondering what happened. First, I’d like to say that I did not forget about you.

I come with good news.

Momrapport is transitioned, and now we have a new name verayanney.com. Yes, a new interface, even better than before. 

When Momrapport was created, my main goal was to share my journey throughout motherhood, while touching base on womanhood and wifehood.

After a long and thought provoked analysis.

I’ve had to make some changes to my niche and brand name formally (momrapport.com) .

Verayanney.com is centered around Inspiration & Lifestyle. 

As my readers, it’s my goal to be authentic and transparent with you. Yes I am a mom. Yes I am a blogger. But, that does not automatically place me in the niche of “mommy blogger.” I consider myself a Bosspiration, and it is my gift to inspire women while making it a lifestyle & deliberately honoring God.

Not all mothers who blog are mom bloggers. Look at their work. Look at what they are really communicating in their blog posts. Read the contents they put out and see what the common thread is.

For me, it’s quite obvious. I live to inspire. People are naturally drawn to me because of my inspiration. Not to brag!

A mom blogger writes about being a mom, my posts about being a mom are only a small percentage of what I write about.

I am a blogger within a specific focus and that focus is not on parenting or even my kid. Yes I love being a mom & I love my son but I’m not a mommy blogger.

My contribution to you is writing in my authentic focus, being my true self & blessing you with my gift of inspiration.

So, from me to you. I encourage you to pivot into your purpose. Take the time to reflect today! Assess the past and visualize your ideal future. What is working? and what isn’t? What can you get rid of and What can you do more?

I don’t know who this is for but let me know if it resonated with you.

So friends, though there is still work being done on the site. Now, is the time to let you guys in on what’s been happening. I want you to familiarize yourselves with the new site and take advantage of all the insightful posts on the blog and also I have some really good merch on the blog. How cool 🙂

This blog site (momrapport.com) will be deleted soon. I have missed you guys, and I dont’t want to miss you twice. So please, subscribe to my mail list so we can keep in touch.

Excited to catch you on my mail list.

With Love,

Vera Yanney.

Published by VeraYanney

Vera Yanney, is a wife and a mother who believes that women often times struggle with balancing these roles (Womanhood, Wife-hood, & Motherhood). Her blog Mom Rapport, empowers a healthy balance between feminine roles and also supports Millennial moms, doing the best that they can. Not forgetting that we are women first.

4 thoughts on “I did NOT forget about you.

    1. Yesss Lifestyle I love it 😻. And thank you so much Shelly. Since I’ll be closing this site, you should sign up for my newsletter to follow my journey. 😊

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