Woman, Wife, Mother
Vera Yanney,
a Woman of faith, Wife, Mother, Blogger, Maternal & Child Health Professional, to name a few.

She is the same woman with a different Glow. She had a purpose & intent. But God polished her. She is me !!!

Prior to becoming a mother, I had plans for myself that did not involve becoming a mom as early as I did. My plans were to graduate from university & secure a job in my field of focus in Maternal & Child health preferably before I graduated. Hang out with the girls on Friday night, go on dates and trips with my boyfriend turned husband ( I dislike that word boyfriend ). So you’d hear me say *man* in place of a boyfriend. These were few of the things I had lined up for myself as a new graduate and fresh employee . 

You know !!! Girls just want to have fun . 

But while I had plans for myself, God was ordering my steps in ways I myself could not have imagined. Not saying that the visions and plans I had for myself were invalid. But, God’s plan superseded them. 

I got married and became a mother at an early age. Who would have thought?. God’s Plan!! *Inserts Drake’s Lyrics *. And, life has been AMAZING !!!.

For me, and for so many other women I know, motherhood has actually given me the space to evolve in so many ways. I haven’t lost myself when I became a wife and mother which can be a fear for us women. In fact, I think the opposite is true for me. I rather became the best version of myself.

Everyday on this journey, I learn to be the best wife and mama that I can be. Even when I don’t give myself enough credit .

 I got  into blogging because I am elated to build a community around  encouraging a healthy balance between navigating woman hood, while being a mother. Hence, the idea behind my logo (Mom Rapport).

My blog is a pathway for me to share about how I am navigating being a woman first before a wife and a mother in a millennial generation. I’d leave you with some advice, recommendations, & ideas that I have found helpful for me.

Why am I also covering ‘faith?.’ As a woman, I am deeply rooted in my Christian beliefs. Why? because I believe that I am absolutely nothing without my God. I am a wife, mother, a career woman, to name a few and I only got here by God’s grace. I have had to overcome a multitude of obstacles, oh yes!. I have grown from things meant to break me but I get stronger by the day and I have God to thank for that. So you see, life has not been all rosy for me. 

So Welcome! Welcome ! Welcome ! and thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit my blog. I hope you tune in always.


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